Xlovecams, offering you a vast choice of sex fetish and kinks that will get you off

xlovecams logoSex and food is in the same level when it comes to human needs hierarchy. Needless to say that sometimes its not readily available when needed. To cater for this, video chat platforms have sprouted up everywhere all over the internet especially in the US and Europe . Unfortunately not all live nude chats are of the same caliber and hence the need to actually find one that will give you a variety, great price and keep you hooked. Something like xlove cam.


First impression

Unlike other numerous, so as out there, xlove cam is one video platform where you don’t have to be charged yet. The attractive flash design has a nice feel to it and the over all flow is flawless with no crowding feel that you often get with live nude chat sites. The whole platform of xlove has an ultra friendly user navigation system that allows you to get from one tab to another rather easily. Attractive models add to the appeal of this site with such a wide range of models that will instantly get you hooked.

Design layout

Ideally the one thing that you will realize with the whole design of xlove cams is initial loom looks like newer live nude chat platforms that are springing up. However if your look into it more you will realize that this is far from the basic, as added extra features, elevate it to a whole new level. For starters there is a preview feature for videos like every other site to give you a sneak preview of what a particular show is about. What is different with xlove is the fact that you don’t have to click on the picture in order to pop up the preview highlights. The concept behind this is to allow one to simply hover about on the image with a mouse and this will activate the picture and video in question. This feature in itself allows you to save on time as it eliminates instances where you have to click back and forth to view one video, realizing that’s not what you wanted and having to click back feature before choosing another one.

What is truly impressive about the whole video design layout of this site is the fact that it allows you to choose exactly what you want in limited amount of time. On the side of the preview video a number of things are highlighted, that is inclusive of model ranking that is based on other members ratings on particular model, spoken language of model that is highlighted with Colorado of flags and what they are currently doing. With this you get to see if that particular model you have been lusting after is available online and how their rankings are so far. Another major factor that is a pro with xlove cams is the fact that there is a seamless flow of videos. Webcams video features and the likes are featured in the home page and you get to choose a number of videos all at one. That coupled with the preview feature allows you to quickly navigate, choose what you want and enjoy the show.

Navigation of xlove cams

Though we have lightly touched on navigation and how easy it is, here let us see how that happens. For starters the navigation breaks into different parts to make it easier for regular first time folks to get their bearing. Situated at the left side of the site is a list of what is you should expect. This includes

• Language

• Type of chat

• Featured private shows

• Models price per minute

• Ethnic group

• Weight

• Height

• Hair color

• Hair length

• Eye color

• Age

• Chest size.

This whole site allows you as a client to get better navigation and detailed filtering system. With the selection you get to choose what you want, and remove anything that you don’t find appealing at that time. Ideally this makeup allows you to continuously narrow down to exactly what you want in record time. For example the language preference allows you to choose a model who preferably speaks in a language you can readily understand. Unless you  like to look and listen to a mod who is speaking seductively to you in a language you don’t understand as you nod, it happens to be a very useful feature. Likewise you get to choose the type of chat you want. It is under this that you get to choose if you want public chats or choose to pay for private nude chats with a specific model. Based on what you want, you get to filter out exactly what you want in relation to height, chest size, age and the cosmetics that make a person your type. Either way one cool feature, that is truly irreplaceable, is the model price per min tab that allows you to input and choose prices that at your budget range. Needless to say, it will save you from major disappointment when you initially are drawn to someone who is way above your desired price range. This feature saves you money, on instances where you get overcharged on your credit card for overindulgence on one model who was way too expensive but you couldn’t help yourself.


The models listed on this site are the main reason why you will never consider looking elsewhere. As a site that is directly interested in giving you a wide variety of options to choose from, getting exactly what you want is easy. What is more, the selection is simply phenomenal for the level of attractive mind blowing features their models have. Unlike other sites, xlove cams platform offers over 50,000+ models who are registered. This offers you a pool of up to 500 at any given time you log in to the site.

To ensure that there is actually a little something for everyone, the models are placed into different categories and you get to do your choosing. This includes;

• Teens 18+

• Mature female

• Ladies

• Couples

• Lesbians

• Fetish females

• Threesome

• Group 4
• Transsexuals

• Transsexual couples

• Boys

• Male couples

With this wide variety of collection, choosing what you desire is as simple as narrowing parameters of what you want and get to choose. As seen above, xlove goes a step further and ensures thy every kind of link and fetish is sufficiently covered under.

To ensure it makes life a little bit easier on you, in choosing your taste in model, models are required to have an extensive biography page. This bio page includes:

• Basic information about themselves

• Pictures

• Videos

• Schedule

• Comments

• Bonus

• Messaging option

This added information on models allows you to actually stalk and follow through on what kind of model she really is, her rankings, videos and pictures. The messaging option allows you to actually get in touch with them from all the public viewing and thus have a one on one feature with them; an option many sites still haven’t caught up with. At the end, getting bored with the selection is not even possible and you have limitless opportunities to indulge to your hearts content.

Xlovecams Price

Ever started surfing a site, on the look out for that perfect model to get you off and somewhere in between all the arousal, you realise, you can’t afford them. Well it happens, more often than people realise. At the very least, the most attractive models who have a know how on of how to get you off and who give you private chat sessions that will blow your mind are ridiculously expensive. To add on it, you should be ready to start paying even before you think of contacting the object of your desire. That`s right from the sign up process, before saying hi. Well xlovecams offers you the opportunity to bypass all this and get nasty faster by offering you free goodies. This and that those who have a preference of having a sneak preview of what is installed can do so without restrictions and taste what the site has in store for members. This is all without the need to sign up or anything of the sort. If you like what you see and decide to take the plunge and get to be a paying customer, you are able to unlock a while new level of phenomenal service. Live mute chats and anything and everything that has to do with hastily good fetishes. Depending on ranking of model`s shows and their nude chats, models are given the opportunity to set their own prices. This usually spans from a fee of $1.60 to $2.20 a minute. As expected couple and group show charge almost double the price because after all they have multiple participants which is only fair.

Another feature that is worth looking into in regards to payment method is availability of tokens.

If you happen to want a regular doze of great fetish then tokens are offered in predefined batches to enable you to enjoy your membership without worrying about overspending. This tokens are mainly divided into four, that is

• $25

• $50

• $100

• $150

As expected it will give you a general idea of how much viewership you will have and thus when choosing you are better placed to enjoy without interruptions. What is unique about this tokens is the fact that they are not a fixed thing and at certain times they are on offer, meaning you can get more than their initial value. When this happens we will be sure to inform you of this and give you the discounted links of how to get xlovecams tokens at a better offer. That said, you will come to realize that the tokens though limited in price range will help you have a great time.

Payment method

As a site that boasts to be all inclusive, payment method in order to unlock all the xlove goodies is vast. The payment method includes
• Credit/ debit cards

Visa electron


• Phone

• Direct banking

• Click and buy

• Allopas

• Bitcoin

• PayPal

Xlove cams nude chats

After looking on how impressive the whole layout of xlovecams is and the overall variety of models available for your choosing, you have to admit to the fact that it is a site to reckon with. Ideally since their start up in 2006 you will realize that the quality improvement is something commendable. With the no flash feature, viewing videos is as easy as it gets.

The nude chats forum is something commendable in itself. Unlike all other sites that are bend to make it over the top and give you a whorish feel to it, the nude chats are somewhat personalized. This means that instead of getting an overly flashed nude chat, you get a simple and yet not understated experience. The simplicity of the nude chats make it seem like you are having a one on one conversation with the model, who will help you get down and nasty fast. Another notable feature is simplicity. It allows you to actually have a real chat and enjoy it for what it is. No fluff, no bells and whistles just the opportunity o get great experience that will get you off and still ring with ingenuity and sincerity.

As you might have realized, there are not so many chat features available with the models. Ideally they are mostly limited to public chat rooms that are free of charge and private nude chats that you pay for. No inclusivity if numerous persons at same time. Regardless of all the availability of so many  available models for nude chats xlovecams is simply magnificent.

Round up

Xlove cams is a site that is overtaking the European sex chat platforms and soon enough will be at the very top. From its easily navigated design, to models who wouldn’t be impressed. This, coupled with the fact that it offers free videos and pics to none members and gives a free sign up opportunity makes it worth trying. The attractive models also add to the zest of site and especially given the fact that they offer reasonable charges especially with the tokens offer that we have promised to keep you updated on, itmakes xlove cams a keeper.