Livejasmin Old Version, Better Or Worse

Some say that the Livejasmin old version is far better than this new one. I personally think that the Livejasmin old version is nothing but an old version! Yeah, just think about it, although it might be easier to use or faster to navigate through, it still is an old version. That means it misses a lot of features and plenty of the new tools.

Try the new version for one week before getting to comment negative things about it then return to the Livejasmin old version and see the difference. If you don’s do that, you will remain stuck in the old version, thinking that the new one is shit.

Simply get the new version for your Live Jasmin account and go for a browse with all the beautiful girls. You will see new buttons, new features and new tools as well. All are meant to improve your dirty little porn experience when in private with the top girls.

After your one week experience, get back to your Livejasmin old version and see the difference. I am sure you will definitely want to stick to the new version! It is by far, more interesting and friendly with the user. It also provides faster speed in navigating through the categories and plenty of advantages.
Your computer will thank you for installing the new version on Live Jasmin. You will also be happy for the countless hours of needy nude playing with the babes in a far better mode.

Go for a spin on Live Jasmin and get working with the new version, if not satisfied, feel free to return to Livejasmin old version and continue with your life! Either way, the chicks will still blow you away with premium nudity and fantastic private shows.