Old Livejasmin Or The New Version?

old live jasminOld Livejasmin or the new version, that’s the main question for today! Do we guys love the new version with the new layout and cool features or we are more attracted to the old version and the old layout and buttons?

It’s a hard question because both the old version and the new one are interesting and important, highly useful for video chatting the right way and fast enough to save you good minutes.

The old Livejasmin version is more useful for old timers, for guys with history on this site, for the males that are addicted to the girls and always online when the night settles.

The new version could be more suitable for the new comers which are more used with such type of layouts, features or buttons. New users that have no clue about how the old Livejasmin version was.

Either way, to answer to this question you would have to put an old timer to the test by letting him use the new version and in the same time, a new comer to use the old version. In the end, after letting both guys to browse the babes with the different versions, the best way would be to ask them few simple questions regarding the ease of browsing, the fast connection, the intuitive buttons and so on, just to find out the answer.