Livejasmin Recordings Now With Daily Updates

For those of you in need for some of the best Livejasmin recordings, the site has decided to create a daily number of such videos added with a rate of one per two hours.

From now one, anybody who’s interested in the Livejasmin recordings, will be able to see them and also download them in a new platform. The Livejasmin recordings used to be added in a very rare mode, something around two per week. Since the site had many complaints about them being out of date and repetitive, the board decided to start adding them daily. And not just one, but at least ten per day!

These are great news for the average video chat lover. Because of the Livejasmin recordings he will now have access to a larger number of video chat girls and their shows.

While one might miss out his favorite show, with the new Livejasmin recordings, he can now view them later and even download them into his computer.

You will still have to be a full time member in order to access this features. In other case, you will have to create a new account if you will ever need access to the Livejasmin recordings. The same thing applies to the live shows! No outside visitor can access or view the life shows and the models.

With that being said, you now have more than 10 updates per day with flaming nude girls providing their best shows. New Livejasmin recordings added in frequent manner and top shows for your personal collection. It’s a really good idea and a perfect way to delight with video chat. Not all users have the possibility of paying for complete video chat shows. The Livejasmin recorded shows are half the prive of a live shows but provides the same content. Full nudity, real hotties and even porn! Enjoy!

New Livejasmin Features For A Users

The New Livejasmin layout comes with a new set of features and tools for the average user to benefit from! A wide range of new categories and a really impressive number of new models. All with the New Livejasmin layout, a fantastic change which will make all the users very happy!

Many might say the old version was better but we say that the New Livejasmin is by fat the best change! No only that you get new features and tools, you also get access to a huge number of new models. Hot ass babes available in each category, ready to dazzle your mind with quality XXX entertainment. Above all these new features, the New Livejasmin version is also equipped with a faster streaming system. That means you will be able to connect and visit the models in a whole better manner.

No more lagging, no more delays and no more errors. The New Livejasmin version will surely makes you feel amazing once getting started with the private sessions. The quality of the image is improved and the sound as well.

Enjoy all these new features on the New Livejasmin version and feel free to browse for the new girls. They are plenty and horny as fuck. Eager to have you in their rooms for some spicy adventure with them.
No matter what are your preferences, be sure to find what you want with the New Livejasmin. It also has a new search feature which will allow you more filters!

Pretty cool if you think for a minute. All these new amazing features and tools with now changing of the monthly payment. You get plenty of cool things added to your account for the same price. Can’t get cooler than that but it certainly gets. Simply try the  Livejasmin all new version and see for yourself and you can compare it with the old school Livejasmin version!


Livejasmin Old School Video Chatting

Livejasmin old school video chatting for the ones really addicted to chatting online. This is the best place where you can easily get in touch with some of the finest video chat girls online.

A place which has always granted amazing moments and fun experiences for all users. A place with no problems to involve in your mind blowing adult experiences. Enjoy the Livejasmin old school chat rooms and delight yourself with some of the best females on the market.

Fully experienced chat babes with more than a decade of Live chatting on this site. Veterans of the video chat industry with thousands of private hours along millions of users. Get started right away and begin browsing for these beauties by simply using the Livejasmin old school feature. A special category to contain only the best and oldest video chat models.

You will love seeing some truly special beauties. Milfs that were teens when they started and matures with a huge appetite for adult action. Video chat beauties always on duty to provide the finest XXX action.

Watch them as they provide classic video chatting nudity, oral sex and masturbation. Hear them talking old school with lines that were very popular at the time. Enjoy their classic lingerie costumes and their old toys. All these in a mind blowing Livejasmin old school category of private rooms.

There are plenty of rooms to keep you hard and horny for hours. Enough to grant you fantastic moments. Always updated with new girls that managed to climb the leather of success. LiveJasmin is the only place where a cam model can reach popularity at high levels that’s why most of the online chat girls are struggling to catch a seat in this Livejasmin old school category!

Enjoy the very best of video chatting with this premium category!

Livejasmin Previous Version, Better Or Worse

There was a time when many Livejasmin users were wondering “It the Livejasmin previous version better than this new one?” “Should I stick to the old version or step further with the new one?”

In case you were among those asking these questions, we have news for you! Yes, the new Livejasmin version is far better than the Livejasmin previous version. The reason is very simple, the new version is much faster and offers more features.

Although the new version is better, many still use the Livejasmin previous version and the reasons are various. Some users still use old computers, some are limited and with no wish to evolve and others are simply to lazy to update.

Either way, that’s not a problem for any of the parties involved in this amazing process called advanced video chatting! Neither the girls have a problem with that, nor the site itself!

It’s up to you if you decide to go with the new version or stick to the Livejasmin previous version, either way, you will always have plenty of naughty models to keep you hard for hours, even though on the previous version, some features might be missing.

Anyway, go on with your life and enjoy the pussies, Livejasmin offers new models every day and countless possibilities for you to have a great time when either in private or on the free chat.

The Livejasmin previous version is something we all got used with as this is the version that made us all happy. Tons of pussy, tons of chat rooms and plenty of amazing tools. But the new one comes with even better speed for navigation. Also with cool new features and the possibility for you to control the babe’s dildo when in private!

I think this is the main reason you should update very fast because you will surely love the dildo control on the babe’s pussy!

Livejasmin Old Version, Better Or Worse

Some say that the Livejasmin old version is far better than this new one. I personally think that the Livejasmin old version is nothing but an old version! Yeah, just think about it, although it might be easier to use or faster to navigate through, it still is an old version. That means it misses a lot of features and plenty of the new tools.

Try the new version for one week before getting to comment negative things about it then return to the Livejasmin old version and see the difference. If you don’s do that, you will remain stuck in the old version, thinking that the new one is shit.

Simply get the new version for your Live Jasmin account and go for a browse with all the beautiful girls. You will see new buttons, new features and new tools as well. All are meant to improve your dirty little porn experience when in private with the top girls.

After your one week experience, get back to your Livejasmin old version and see the difference. I am sure you will definitely want to stick to the new version! It is by far, more interesting and friendly with the user. It also provides faster speed in navigating through the categories and plenty of advantages.
Your computer will thank you for installing the new version on Live Jasmin. You will also be happy for the countless hours of needy nude playing with the babes in a far better mode.

Go for a spin on Live Jasmin and get working with the new version, if not satisfied, feel free to return to Livejasmin old version and continue with your life! Either way, the chicks will still blow you away with premium nudity and fantastic private shows.