ChatIW Free Chatting Portal

chatiw logoChatIW is an online dating portal which allows the user to chat online without registration. This free chat website lets you connect with people quickly and easily. The website connects single women and men throughout the globe which makes dating simpler and efficient. The adult chat site has no registration and is completely free. Simple details, such as nickname, age, sex, country and state information are required to start. You can start chatting immediately after filling this information.

The user interface of Chatiw:

There are many dating websites and applications which help to connect people over the globe. But many of them either lacks in performance or the user interface. Chatiw has a very unique and friendly user interface. Moreover, the design is simple and attractive which mainly targets user satisfaction. The user interface of chatiw website is user-friendly and allows its users to do multiple tasks while chatting. They can search for friends, check messages, chat history, block and much more. Chatiw adult chat room is mobile friendly too and can be accessible through smart phones. The chatiw application is also user-friendly and allows accessing the same content as the chatiw website.

Chatiw adult chat room:

You can see the number of online users and can also see them with their name, sex, and age. You can start the chat with the desired user and can also send images to the user. Moreover, the adult chat room also allows to start a cam chat. You can video chat with a user and if the user is not appropriate or doing any violation then you can simply block that user. The website is fun and cool but it is also safe and secure at the same time. There are some very useful features of the chatiw adult chat room.

Top Features:

1) Inbox:

Chatiw is free but it is not possible to chat all the time. The inbox feature of the chatiw adult chat room takes all the messages for you while you were offline. This feature is impressive and spontaneous. You can see all the new messages under inbox section and can even reply to them. The inbox does a good organization of all the messages and sorts them with respect to time and date. Your latest messages will be on top, while the old messages will be at the bottom.

2) Chat history:

Chatiw website has a feature called chat history which allows accessing all the recent chats with the user. History can be refined by clicking on the display offline or online users. Using the refine feature of chat history, you can see all the latest discussions made with either the online user or well as the offline user. The user can get all the important discussion made earlier in the chat history feature of the  website.

3) Search:

One of the best features of the chatiw website is the search feature. You can enter the nickname, sex, age and country of the desired user and search them on the website. If your friend is not listed under contacts you can simply search them using the search feature and can immediately start chatting. If the user is not online, the messages will be delivered to them and will be stored in the inbox of the site.

4) Block:

There are users who do misuse of the information and the sends vulgar content to other users. As earlier mentioned, the website is safe and secure with all the safety tips listed on the website. Users can be blocked immediately using the block feature of the Chatiw website. If the user is reported repeatedly, then Chatiw will not hesitate to block that user. The feature helps in safe chatting and also takes care of the user experience.

5) Subscribe:

While doing any work, users can get notified about messages by the using the subscribing feature of the site. The bell button on the Chatiw website is a feature which allows the user to get notifications from Chatiw adult chat room. If the user receives messages or any new feature on the website, then he will be notified immediately on the desktop. The same feature can be used for Chatiw application as well.
Apart from these features the Chatiw website team also takes care of the users in all circumstances. For the queries and questions related to Chatiw, there are various options which a user can select to solve the problem.


Chatiw is simple, free and easy to use. Although users have questions about the website. Questions such as how to send a private message, how to change the country, how to get unbanned and much more. These questions are entertained under the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) feature of the website. It solves all the queries of customers and helps in happy free chatting. If the user gets banned then he cannot use the website for 48 hours. If the user gets banned by mistake, then he can unban himself by contacting the support staff through the contact us form.

Safety Tips:

Chatting on Chatiw is free and anonymous! Thats why it is also very important to keep things safe. Thus the safety tips feature page of the website has a list of all Chatiw safety tips.These are: be cautious, be careful before sharing the personal information, and much more. These safety tips are given on the website for prevention against cyber crimes. The Chatiw website follows all the safety standards. In spite of these safety tips, if the user still wants to arrange a meeting then always remember to go in a public place and it will be ideal to take a friend with you.

Multiple Language Option

There are many users on the Chatiw website from different places over the globe. These users are comfortable mainly with their national language. The language feature helps to change the default language to languages like English, English U.K., French, German, Spanish, Italian and Russian. By removing the language barrier the website maintains its integrity. It also enhances the user experience with the website in terms of understanding.

Chatiw is social

Chatiw has pages on different social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. The user can follow it on these pages and get in touch with all the latest news and updates. The user can even get connected to people who like Chatiw. On these social networking sites, you can see how many people like it, how many people follow the pages and more site information such as photos and videos as well.


All the basic questions about the website are found under the FAQ section but apart from that, if the user has any other question then he can get help from the Chatiw team by simply contacting them. The Chatiw team is very quick responding queries and problems.


If you are new to online dating, you probably need some a source of knowledge and information to start with. Avoid blunders while taking, it will help to impress the girls in the Chatiw adult chat room. The blog page on the website is very useful for beginners as well because the page contains useful information such as 10 great rules to be followed in a basic chat, 5 ways to start a conversation in a web chat, tips to improve your chatting experience and much more. These blogs are written by experts and you can take it as the first step towards the success of online dating. Here is the overview of the famous informational blog on the Chatiw website:
a) Mistakes you should avoid while chatting:

-Avoid all the vulgar messages and always remember the user which you are trying to talk to has a block feature which can be a blunder

-Avoid Spelling mistakes

-Be patient while chatting

-Know the traits first and then make a move

-Send good quality pictures

b) 5 ways to start a conversation:

-Ask personal questions but not too many

-Personalize the messages as much as possible

– Tell jokes, be funny

-Compliment the other person

-Share information and know the traits wisely before making a move.

Chatiw video chat

Discover and meet new people over a video chat session. By selecting the video chat feature of the Chatiw website, it will redirect you to video chat sessions where you can talk to strangers . You can meet  friendly people and make your friend circle bigger just by adding them to your friend’s list. If you go offline, your friends can still drop a message which will be stored. You can also delete a particular history of chat or simply clear all the recent chat history. You can reply to messages and can also write new messages. You can end or skip the other person to the next person while video chatting.

Chatiw Application

The Chatiw android application includes all the cool features of the Chatiw website. This application is mobile friendly and attractive at the same time. The application can be downloaded from the google play store and supports all the android smartphones. You can have live chat, text and send pics by using the Chatiw adult chat room on the phone through the Chatiw application. It allows you to enjoy instant messaging on the phone without registration.

Benefits of Chatiw website

The website provides a free chat service which is great for users. It gives you a variety of features on the same Chatiw website for connecting as many people as you can. You can even do multiple chats and see all the recent messages in the recent history tab. It helps you to expand your friend circle and you can make different friends over the world. Talk to them 24/7 using the instant messaging. Chatiw website eliminates the loneliness and welcomes the happiness and joy into your life. The major benefit of Chatiw is that you can access it anytime from anywhere you like. It gives a flexibility of usage without any restrictions.


Chatiw is one of the best free online chatting portals as various people over the globe connect to it and make the site more interesting and reliable. It has a great user interface which is acceptable by users and is also great when it comes to performance. The adult chat rooms also remove language barriers which results in connecting more users. It does not only promote chatting but also has good scope in  video chatting, emotions and also photos and videos. Users over the globe can connect under one roof of Chatiw and can also follow it on various social networking sites for getting information about the latest updates and news. All the interesting features such as blogs, FAQ, contact form, and safety tips help you get started. There is no barrier on selection for a nickname on this website. You can select the nickname you like. Other information such as sex, country is important to fill before you start chatting, because it will also give a clear idea to other persons to whom they are chatting. Simple and easy set up for adult chat rooms!