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adult chatAll you need to now before starting FREE adult chat with naked girls or boys.

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You may know adult chat as cybersex, internet sex or computer sex because it involves your computer and the sex desire. The act of text based sex was in practice for decades.
At first, there warren`t any adult chat sites, so people were doing cyber sex on IRC channels and other chat platforms. There warren’t always channels with adult names. Some times people would try to pick-up matches on regular channels. They would message with something like “wanna cam?” or “wanna cyber?”. So as the technology progressed the adult industry grew and so the first adult chat sites appeared. There are two type of sites. One way video adult chat sites like Chaturbate, Livejasmin and others. Or the two way adult chat sites like chatroullete.

Some adult sites from the first category, can also broadcast yourself, so the performer can see you too. It all depends if you want to be seen or you prefer just to watch. Everything is performed using your webcam and a microphone. Usually your webcam has a builtin microphone. Some people pickup dates on sites like Facebook or Plenty Of Fish(POF) and after that use Skype for adult chat and cyber sex.

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The best things about adult chat:

-a great degree of privacy

Using adult chat sites will give privacy. If you want to remain private the site will guarantee that but if you like you can also reveal your identity.

-safe from STD (sexual transmitted diseases)

Not like regular sexual encounters in real life, if you use adult chat platforms you will be 100% safe from STD. The only actual danger is you have too much fun!

-the physical distance between real life partners can be overcome using your webcam

If you are away with work on another state or just in a long distance relationship adult chat is the solution. You can have cyber sex whenever you and your partner desire. All you need is a computer and a webcam.

– your sexual fantasies could be explored.

You can experiment your sexual desires and kinks without being judged (BDSM, role play, incest or anything you like).

-almost zero effort to have sexual satisfaction.

Cyber sex is a lot easier then in real life. You don`t have to go on numerous dates. All you have to do is chose the girl you like and the action start!

-you have complete control of what happens

You can start the action whenever you like and you can also stop it. Whatever happens in the chat room is your chosing.

Things to consider before adult chat

adult chat twoThere are some things you should consider before doing webcam adult chat. You should be sure that your pc is safe from viruses, because there were cases when hackers recorded people doing adult chat trough their cam and published the video online or even blackmailed them. Another concerning thing is you falling in love with a con artist who will try to rip you off. Don`t let yourself fooled by their sweet sexy face. If she begins to ask your for money try not to get conned.

Adult chat can help you satisfy your wildest dreams. Because your imagination is the limit you can do whatever you want. You could start some role-play or BDSM shows. The most important thing is to have fun and have great moments.

The best adult chat sites:


You can have great moments here. You can register or you could decide not to. There are thousands of online users over there and lots of free shows. You have to chose from Female, Male, Couples and Trans category.


One of the oldest sites out there. It has one of the biggest users database but you won`t have to much action for free. If you want some action you would probably have to pay. It also has all the usual categories to chose from.


Another old and good adult chat site. It doesn’t accept nudity during free chat.


This is another new site. It has lots of online performers to chose from and also you can see nude shows during free chat. You also have all the usual categories like Female, Male, Couples and Trans.


This is the first site that launched the concept of free shows. It is one of the oldest sites out there and the first one that introduced the Tip concept. Performers do free shows and work for Tips from paying members.

So keep in mind whatever you except from your adult chat platform and you should chose one from the above. If you like the Strip Bar concept you should chose one from “Chaturbate, Bongacams or Imlive” and if you like a more romantic approach you should try “LiveJasmin or ImLive”.

There are also other adult chat platform out there, but these are some of the best!

If you decide to chose another platform be aware that there are lots of fake sites who will charge your money and they have nothing to offer. Before you decide to pay for any subscription try to be sure that the site is genuine and that you credit card is safe. You could use a VCC or a prepaid credit card to be safe. This is one of my favorite methods of payment when I chose to pay for a service on a new site.

How to be safe on adult chat sites:

-keep your pc clean of viruses

Use a antivirus. I usually use avira or avg. Both are free and very good. If you like to pay for the antivirus I would chose Bitdefender. Don’t just install the antivirus, keep it up to date and do weekly scans. Don't install software that you don`t trust their origin. Always use trustworthy sites!

-be camera shy

If you don’t want the internet to be full of videos with your face on it don’t send recorded videos of yourself doing sexual activities. Don’t broadcast yourself doing something you wouldn’t like to be on the internet because the other person could be recording. Be camera shy and be safe!

-avoid shady adult sites

Look for sites using SSL(HTTPS) and the green lock. Also search the VeriSign logo on sites. Because there are so much malware sites its hard to be safe these days.  So the best way to be safe if to use only trustworthy sites.

-use VCC or prepaid credit cards

You should use a VSS or a prepaid credit card when you start using a new subscription so you won`t be charged every month for something you want to cancel. Even some like paypal is better then just using your everyday credit card.


adult chat girlsSo when you decide to start using adult chat sites remember three things: be safe, be smart, have fun!

Hope you will have fun and our guide was useful.